Flowstil (pronounced "flow"-"steel") was founded by freestyle footballers Jeremy and Majfred who are known to the community as the BFlux Duo @BoundlessFluxFS. Since the inception of their freestyle brand, they have been working on creating the most comprehensive collection of freestyle football tricks known as the FS Tricktionary. It is in its final stages of development and will be released soon to the public for free.In the meantime, follow Flowstil Freestyle on YouTube where trick videos almost daily. Subscribe below to stay up to date on the latest news, and contact us with any questions.


Learn new tricks & grow as a freestyle athlete from the largest, most comprehensive Tricktionary available - all for FREE!


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We're working on launching our full website so that you can benefit from the free resources we've been building and connect with others in the freestyle footballer community. Help up get there sooner by following us on YouTube and subscribing below to show your support and be the first to know when we have updates.


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